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What Benefits that You Get from the Shipment Tracking Software

This kind of software is certainly packed with features that are easy-to-use. You have to understand that the effective shipment tracking software would provide a huge ROI from such freight and also the time savings. The other benefits that you have to know about such is that this can help to improve the return of investment.

One advantage that you will get is rate quoting and also the easy comparisons. Through such effective shipping software, then you can readily compare the freight costs as well as the transit times of the LTL, the expedited carriers and the truckload. You can readily view the details and also send them to others or you may save them for such future reference or probably for updating. The flexible business rules may be set-up for controlling the carrier that are available under the different criteria like the lane, the shipment size or that product type.

With an effective shipment tracking software, you may track the shipment with any type of carrier. You may enter the sales order or the control number in order to obtain that shipment information. Such end-to-end visibility would let you monitor the orders and flag those problem shipments. Moreover, you can also drill down into a particular order and write a few notes and assign shipments to the others for handling or review. Such easy-to-use report generator would let you make such custom reports and you may also export them fast in Excel.

Also, you can speed up such shipment routing and that tendering process. You need to reduce such freight costs by making those better routing decisions and a lot more options. Through such effective shipment tracking software, then you can also do such advance planning or manage when you go. The software is going to let you input an order and compare the different choices and find the best carrier as well as make that bill of lading and also labels and you need to notify the carrier in order to pick this up. The order consolidation as well as the multi-stop route building would give you more opportunities to save money.

The CFO loves the integrated shipping software now because this is going to make managing those freight invoices much faster, easier and also much more accurate. The freight bills can be readily matched to the right SO, TO or PO. Those invoices may be quickly edited for some errors as well as additional charges and others. The billing may be expedited on the prepaid and add sales through the use of accurate estimates generated or obtain actual charges for more shipments the next morning.