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Guide to Choosing the Best Darts and Dart Boards

It is actually your own personal choice when it comes to selecting the best darts and dart boards to use. When you pick up the right type of darts, you will be able to use it to improve the level of your accuracy and performance. Dart stores offer you a wide variety of darts and dart boards to choose from. Here are some tips to enable you to find the right dart and dart board for you and your family.

There are many types of darts including the wooden, tungsten or brass darts. The most common and popular one is the tungsten dart because it is very durable. Compared to other darts, the tungsten dart has a smaller diameter. In order to assess what type of dart works best for you, you need to experiment with different types. It boils down to preference.

There are also different weights of darts. The smallest weight is 12 grans and the heaviest one is 50 grams. Seasoned players often use darts that weight 30 grams or less. Different weights work for different people so if one works best for you, it may not work for your friend. Your speed at throwing darts determine the weight of the dart to buy. Heavy darts have to be thrown harder in order to hit the mark. You need to also experiment throwing darts and observe how they go. The one that suits your throwing style is the best weight for your darts.

Another important consideration is the barrel grip. Some darts have heavier barrel while others have smooth ones. Although a heavier barrel has a better grip, you also need to consider your style of throwing. Choosing flights follow the sane rule as the above. There are different styles and sizes of flights. Flights and your throwing style influence the path of the darts.

When it comes to dart boards, you can choose between two different styles with different qualifies. In order to make a good decision, here are some things you need to know about dart boards.

The dart boards that you see in a pub are traditional or bristle dart boards. These type of dart boards closes up when darts are removed from the surface. The holes will no longer be visible. If your bristle dart board is well made, it will be 18 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches thick. The best darts to use in this type of dart board are steel tip darts.

Electronic dart boards are increasing in popularity. It uses the latest technology to enable automatic scoring, score displays for multiple players, sound effects, and a huge choice of different games. Soft tip darts are recommended for most electronic dart boards which are softer and safer for children. When you don’t have anyone to compete with, you can compete with the computer. You can practice your skills this way.

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